Does Salt Kill Fleas?

When faced with a flea infestation, there are all sorts of treatments that we can turn to. Unfortunately, most of these flea treatment methods will contain toxic chemicals which you might not want lingering around your home. There are some natural flea remedies, and salt is one of them.

Using salt to kill fleas is natural, safe, effective, and cheap. Plus, you probably have some salt in your home already. Here we will go over how to use salt to kill fleas.

how does salt kill fleasHow Salt Kills Fleas

Many people are surprised that you can use salt to kill fleas. The way it works is by dehydrating them. Salt is hygrosopic, meaning it will absorb moisture from the air. This makes salt a desiccant, and can kill organisms through drying them out. Plus, it has abrasive properties at the microscopic scale. This means it the salt crystals can cut into adult fleas’ exoskeletons.

What Flea Life Stages does Salt Kill?

Salt kills adult fleas, eggs, and larvae. Salt works best on the adult fleas. It works lacerating their exoskeleton, and causing them to dehydrate. Flea eggs and flea larvae thrive well in high humidity. Once salt is introduced, it dries up the environment and will deny the pre-adult fleas the moisture they need to survive. Flea larvae also feed on organic waste in their environment. If they happen to ingest salt, it will cause them to dehydrate and die.

Where to Use Salt

There are several places where you can use salt to kill fleas. These include:

  • Carpets and rugs where fleas will lay eggs.
  • Hard floors can also harbor fleas, especially in corners and under furniture.
  • Upholstered furniture will offer the warmth and organic waste required by fleas to survive.
  • On the ground outdoors, in shaded areas where pets love to rest and play.

How to Use Salt to Kill Fleas

To effectively use salt to kill fleas, ensure that its particles are as fine as possible (almost to a powdery consistency). Look for salts that are heavily refined.

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove fleas and debris, and spread carpet fibers
  2. Sprinkle the salt evenly on the carpet.
  3. Use a soft brush or broom to rake it to the bottom of the carpet
  4. Leave it for about 24 hours after
  5. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and throw away the vacuum bag outside!

During humid times, you may consider reducing the amount of time that you leave the salt on the carpet. This is because the salt attracts moisture. If there is too much moisture to absorb, it will just concentrate it to the carpets.

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