Flea Extermination

Have you tried to eliminate fleas in your house on your own and failed? Sometimes, in really severe infestations, home treatments will not work. If a flea problem gets out of hand, it may be time to hire a professional flea exterminator. They will be able to fumigate, and rid your house of fleas for once and all.

Here we will go over all the information you need about exterminating fleas, and the costs involved.

Prior to Hiring a Professional Exterminator

When you have a flea problem, hiring a flea exterminator may be the first thought that comes to mind. However, this can be somewhat expensive. It may be a good idea to try to end the infestation yourself first. There are a variety of home treatments you can purchase over-the-counter. Try these:

flea extermination costWhat a Professional Exterminator Can Do

A professional flea exterminator will take steps necessary to effectively eliminate fleas throughout your house. This means they will kill adult fleas as well as eggs, larvae, and pupae. Exterminators will also treat your yard, where the flea problem might have started.

Killing the Adult Fleas

Exterminators will likely use an insecticidal flea spray to kill the adult fleas in your house. These are often neurotoxins that do not affect the pre-adult fleas. They are similar to the over-the-counter sprays that you can get yourself. However, professional exterminators have access to more powerful insecticides that are heavy regulated. These pesticides are more potent and will kill fleas faster, but they are also more dangerous to use. This is why only professionals have access to them.

Killing the Pre-adult Fleas

To kill the flea eggs, larvae, and cocoons a different kind of chemical is used. These are known as insect growth regulators, such as juvenile hormones. Again, these types of sprays can also be bought over-the-counter. They will prevent flea larvae from ever developing into adults. After pupating, a larger larva emerges instead of an adult. Then it dies. This completely disrupts the reproduction cycle.

Benefits of Using Professional Exterminators

Advantages of using professional exterminators is that they have lots of knowledge and experience. Plus, they have access to professional equipment and insecticides. You will also be saving valuable time, as a pro will carry out the task in a short time. Many times exterminators will guarantee their works as well. Finally, exterminators can give you advice and tips on how to keep fleas away.

how much does flea extermination costFlea Exterminator Cost

On average, the cost of flea extermination is around $100 – $150. This is obviously going to be higher than self treatment methods. The more the visits, the higher the cost. You may try to negotiate for a discount, but never compromise quality for cost.

The cost is going to be largely dependent how large the house is. The higher the square footage, the more insecticide that needs to be used, and the higher the cost will be. Some flea extermination jobs call for more than one visit when fleas resurface. The more the visits, the higher the cost. If you want to get a hard figure, call a local exterminator and then you can get you an estimate.

Preparation, Tips, and Safety

Do a Little Research

Find out what products the exterminator intends to use to get rid of the fleas. Make sure that these products are safe. Some very popular products work effectively, but they are not safe for you and your pets. If you are not sure about a particular product, carry out some research on it and even consult with your vet.

Plan to Evacuate the House for a While

When the flea extermination job is going on, ensure that all pets are out of the house. Even for humans, it is always safer to be outside in the open air than in an insecticide filled house. On the day that the extermination is taking place, try to have an activity planned for your family. You might also want to get a hotel for a night.

Preparing Your Home

Prior to the extermination, try to make furniture easy to maneuver around, and pick up everything off the floor. Make sure to remove any children’s toys from the area that is getting sprayed. Also remove any things that might go into people’s mouths, such as silverware.

Treating Your Pets

Pets should be treated for fleas at the same time as flea extermination is being done. If you fail to do this, your pet might re-infest your house.

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