Flea Powder for Carpets

If you are trying to stop a flea infestation if your home, you must target the carpets. This is where the majority of the fleas will be, at all stage of life. If you are only treating your pets for fleas, you are wasting your time and money. The flea infestation will continue until the carpet is treated and all eggs, larvae, and cocoons are destroyed.

Using flea sprays and powders are two of the most effective ways to treat your carpet for fleas. This article will go over everything you need to know about flea powder, including how to use it. Plus, you can read customer reviews for the best flea powder.

flea killer powderHow Flea Killing Powders Work

Flea powders work in a couple different ways, depending on the ingredients they contain. Below we will go over the common active ingredients found in flea powder, and how they work. If you are looking for a for an all natural, non-toxic, chemical-free flea control powder, check out our article on diatomaceous earth.

Boric Acid (Borate)

Boric acid is commonly found in a variety of insect control products. It is inexpensive, odorless, and remains active for up to a year. It works in two ways. Firstly, it will disrupt digestive enzymes in the flea’s stomach. Second it will absorb moisture from fleas’ bodies, causing them to dehydrate and die. It starts working right away on contact, because borate salts are abrasive to insect exoskeletons. The great thing about boric acid is it does not repel insects, so the fleas will return to treated areas to die. Boric acid will also work on eggs and larvae. You should see results from boric acid in two to three weeks. The reason it takes this long is because it takes a while for the current pupae to hatch and then die. Boric acid has low toxicity, and is safe to use in homes. The only known side effects are itching of eyes, skin, and throat, and these symptoms are rare.


Pyrethrin is another common active ingredient that is used in flea powders and other control products. It can also be used as an insect repellent in lower concentrations. Pyrethrin is safe for humans and most other animals, but should not be used around cats or fish. It is an organic compound, but there are a variety of similar synthetic insecticides that are derived from it, such as permethrin. Pyrethrin and its derivatives all work by targeting insect’s nervous system. Their nerves will rapidly fire repeatedly, and the end result is death. This insecticide is most effective on adult fleas.


Nylar is the trademarked pesticide pyriproxyfen. It is used in flea powders, sprays, and topical treatments for pets. It believed to be very safe for use around the home, and has no effect on people or pets. It only works on small insects. Nylar is a flea growth regulator that affects flea’s hormonal responses. Essentially it stops the flea eggs from hatching, and the flea larvae from being able to pupate into adults. Thus, no new generation of adults can lay eggs and continue the infestation. Keep in mind, it does not kill adult fleas. For the infestation to end, you will have to wait for the current adult fleas to die off.

How to Use Flea Powder

To apply the flea powder, lightly sprinkle it on the carpet’s surface evenly. Using a mini duster can make applying the powder much easier. The powder will sit on the surface of the carpet, and you might need to work it in deeper. In order to effectively get the powder to the bottom of the carpet, where fleas live and breed, push it in with a soft broom or brush. You may consider applying the powder at night when there is less activity around the house. Let the flea powder sit overnight, and then vacuum over the area in the morning. The vacuuming will not make it less effective, but will suck up any excess powder and dead fleas. Keep vacuuming at least once a day for two weeks after applying flea powder.

Where to Use Flea Powder

Obviously you will want to apply the flea powder to your carpets and rugs. However there are certain areas to focus on that might otherwise be ignored. Make sure you get the powder in carpet corners, under furniture, and in any other dark, undisturbed areas. Fleas like to hide in darkness, and prefer locations that are undisturbed where debris can build up. You can also use the flea powder on sofas, pet bedding, and kennels.

Best Flea Powder for Carpets

zodiac flea powder for carpetsZodiac Flea Powder

Zodiac makes a great carpet and upholstery flea powder, along with other flea control products. This powder will effectively kill all stages of the flea life cycle, including the flea eggs, flea larvae, pupae, and adult fleas. The active ingredients in uses are pyrethrin and Nylar. It also has linalool which is citrus extract that works as an insecticide, and smells great. After applying Zodiac flea powder it will continue to control re-infestations for up to 12 months. One container will treats up to 400 sq ft, so if you have large house you might want to get more than one.

fleabusters flea powder for carpetsFleabusters Rx Flea Powder

Fleabusters Rx is a very popular flea control powder, and has a lot of positive customer reviews. It is an odorless, fine, patented powder that will effectively kill fleas and other pests, such as cockroaches and ants. This product is free of toxic chemicals, and is comprised mostly of borate powder. The powder is milled to be extremely fine, and then is statically charged. Since the powder is so fine it can easily penetrate deep into carpets. The static charge allows it to cling to fleas and other debris in carpets, making it more lethal.

fleago flea powder for carpetsFleago Flea Control Powder

Fleago makes a natural, non-toxic flea control powder for carpets. Like Fleabusters Rx, it uses borate (boric acid) as its main active ingredient. Fleago powder will last up to one year in the carpet, even through constant vacuuming. It is easy to apply, and safe to use on carpets, pet bedding, and furniture. The product is made almost entirely of borate crystals, and contains no odors, dust, or toxic chemicals. The borate salts will dehydrate both adult fleas and eggs, effectively putting a stop to an infestation.

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