Flea Repellent for Humans

When you have fleas in your home, you will often find bite itchy marks on your lower legs and ankles. If you are reading this article, I don’t have to tell how incredibly irritating this is. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent fleas from biting you.

This article will cover why fleas bite humans, what attracts fleas, and we will go over some of the most effective flea repellents for humans. Find out how these flea repellents work, and read product reviews.

End the Infestation

While flea repellents do work, the best way to stop fleas from biting you is to kill the fleas in your house. Read about different ways to get rid of fleas. No more fleas = no more bites. Easy math. Using flea repellent can still be help though. It will give you some relief from from the fleas biting you while you eradicate the infestation. Plus, you will protect yourself from getting any flea transmitted diseases.

flea repellent for humansWhy Fleas Bite Humans

Why are fleas biting you? Because you taste like bacon. Seriously though, fleas need to obtain blood meals for subsistence, and to be able to reproduce. Without the iron and protein found in blood, fleas would not be able to lay eggs. As soon as a new adult flea hatches, it needs to find a blood meal within a week or it will die.

Why do they attack humans though, and not other animals? There are thousands of different species of fleas through out the world, and each species is specially adapted to target one type of host. There are humans fleas, dog fleas, cat fleas, rat fleas, etc. Even though these species of fleas prefer a certain host, they will still also bite humans (as well as other animals).

What Attracts Fleas

By knowing what attracts fleas, you can better understand how to repel them. Fleas are attracted to warm blooded animals, because this is their food source. They have special sensors that can detect heat, carbon dioxide, and blood. All of these things let the flea know that a warm bodied animal is nearby. Besides food, fleas are also looking for shelter and breeding grounds. Read our article on what attracts fleas.

Best Flea Repellent for Humans

flea repellent for humansPermethrin Spray

One of the best repellents for fleas (as well as other insects) is called permethrin. This a synthetic chemical that is derived from a plant’s natural organic compounds. This chemical works as both an insecticide and as an insect repellent. It works by targeting a flea’s nervous system, causing nerves to fire rapidly resulting in death. The chemical is not very toxic to humans, and does not absorb well through skin. Even so, it is best to apply it to clothes. Focus on your shoes, socks, and pants, because this is where fleas commonly bite people.

DEET flea repellent for humansDEET Insect Repellent

DEET is another common ingredient used in all kinds of insect repellents. It works on mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, and of course fleas. You probably recognize it from mosquito repellents. This Ultrathon lotion by 3M works by releasing the DEET slowly over time for long lasting protection. It is safe to apply this lotion directly to your skin. Again, focus on legs, ankles, as well as other areas that are prone to getting flea bites. This will keep the fleas at bay while you work on stopping the infestation.

skin so soft bath oil flea repellentSkin-so-Soft Bath Oil

Skin-so-soft bath oil by Avon might not seem like a product that would work to repel insects, but it does. It has long been used as an insect repellent, and is very commonly used to stop fleas from biting humans. Check out the customer reviews. In fact, it is so commonly used for insect repellent, Avon created it in a spray bottle. It will also work to keep other insects from biting such as mosquitoes and deer flies. Plus, you can get some softer skin when using this oil!

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