Homemade Flea Killer

Inside of purchasing flea control products from the store, you can make your own homemade flea killer. Getting rid of fleas in your home can be easily done by using common household products. These homemade solutions are cheaper and much safer than insecticidal chemicals.

Here we will go over how to make 4 effective homemade flea control recipes: pet shampoo, pet spray, and powder for carpets, and traps.

homemade flea shampoo1) Homemade Flea Shampoo for Your Pet

This homemade shampoo for fleas will effectively remove fleas from your dog’s body, and will help sooth the itchy bites he is dealing with. The essential oils will remove and repel fleas, then the aloe vera and oatmeal will sooth irritated skin.


Fully lather your dog with the homemade flea shampoo. Make sure to get even the hard to reach locations like between toes and under tails, because fleas tend to reside here. Leave the shampoo on your pet’s fur for at least five minutes (and no more than 10 minutes). Then rinse your dog thoroughly with water to avoid skin irritation. You will have a clean, fresh smelling, and most importantly flea-free pet.

homemade flea spray2) Homemade Flea Spray for Your Pet

If you are looking for a flea repellent for your pets, check out this really simple recipe. It uses vinegar as the main ingredient. While vinegar will not kill fleas, it will repel them. Fleas do not like the strong scent of vinegar or the acidic taste. It is believed that fleas would rather die from hunger than approach a vinegar-smelling pet.


  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup water

Mix equal parts vinegar and water. Then, pour the solution in a clean spray bottle. After which, spray the mixture onto your pet’s fur and finish the treatment by massaging it in. Do not over-use this treatment, because vinegar can dry out skin.

homemade flea killer powder3) Homemade Flea Powder for Your Home

The homemade flea powder is extremely effective, and is very similar to store bought flea powders. All of these ingredients cause fleas to quickly dehydrate when they come in contact with them.


Mix all of the ingredients together to form the powder. The even sprinkle it on your carpets. Using a broom will help to brush it deeper into the carpet fibers. Let it sit for a couple hours, and then vacuum it up. The vacuum will only remove the excess powder, some will still stay in the carpet to kill fleas. Remember to only use food grade diatomaceous earth and natural borax.

make your own flea trap killer4) Homemade Flea Trap

Flea traps are an effective method to capture to and kill adult fleas. The fleas will be attracted to the warmth and light from the lamp. Then they will drown in the pie tin with water in it. The dish soap works to remove water tension, so the fleas instantly sink.


  • Desk lamp
  • Aluminum pie tin
  • Dawn disk soap
  • Water

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