Where Do Fleas Come From

Flea infestations in homes can seem to stat out of nowhere, and then get out of hand very quickly. So a common question many people with fleas ask is, “Where do fleas come from?”

In this article we will discuss where fleas originate, and how infestations begin. By understanding where fleas come from you will then be able to more effectively eradicate and prevent fleas inside your house.

where do fleas originateFleas on Pets

Flea infestations will often originate outside the home, such as in backyards. Outside fleas will live in shaded, moist areas. Hot spots include dark, wet places under shrubs, along fence lines, and of course in pet areas. When your dog or cat gets close, the fleas will jump on them and begin feeding. Then your pets will come back inside your house, and a home infestation begins.

Your pets can also get fleas from other animals. There is a risk of this happening any time that you take your dog around other dogs, whether is at a dog park or when going on a walk. Outdoor cats also tend to hang around each other, and fleas can easily be transmitted. To kill fleas on contact on your pets and provide lasting protection, consider using medicated topical flea drops.

Fleas on People

Fleas are parasitic insects that will also feed on humans when the opportunity presents itself. Any time you go outside, you may be picking up fleas and them bringing them back inside. The same thing goes for any other guests that you have come over to your house. If your family or friends are fighting a flea infestation, it is probably best to stay away for a while. You can get fleas when going into their home, or they may bring fleas along with them into yours.

where do fleas come fromFleas May Be Dormant in Your House

Under the right conditions, fleas can live for up to a year without feeding. They enter into a dormant phase. The same thing goes for flea eggs and flea pupae. The fleas will stay in this state until a host gets close to provide them with a blood meal. Heat, movement, carbon dioxide, and vibrations will trigger them to wake up.

If you move into a new house or apartment, you might not think there are any fleas. However, once you start heating up the home and moving around, the fleas can emerge. It will seem like the flea infestation literally came out of nowhere! In these situations, it is usually the case that the previous owner had a flea problem, and the fleas were just dormant. The best way to kill fleas in your house is to use a spray that contains insecticides and insect growth regulators, such as Ultracide.

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