Where do Fleas Lay Eggs?

Female fleas are capable of laying eggs up to as many as 500 in their lifetime. They typically produce about 20 eggs each day. They will then grow into adult fleas within a couple of weeks. As you can imagine, a flea infestation can quickly grow inside of homes.

Killing adult fleas will not solve a flea problem. If you want to prevent or eliminate a flea infestation, you need to target and kill the flea eggs.

Flea Eggs on Floors

where do fleas lay eggsIf you want to kill flea eggs in your home, you need to know where they are located and what they look like. You can then use flea sprays and powders on the areas.

Most flea eggs will be found on floors in your home. Even if laid on pets, they will easily slide off from the pet’s fur and settle on the floor. It also doesn’t matter if the floor is wooden or carpeted. Flea eggs are known to thrive in warm or moist environments. So, the eggs reach the floor cracks or the bottom of rugs and carpets, they have a greater chance for survival.

where flea lay eggs in pet areasPet Areas

Fleas are said to lay most of their eggs on their host’s nesting area. This means the area where the dog or cat frequently stays on, sleeps on, or rests. Common pet areas where fleas lay eggs are in kennels, pet beds, and directly onto pet’s fur. Pets that have thicker furs will be able to collect for eggs, as they settle in.

flea eggs on beddingFurniture, Bedding, Clothes

If your pets jump onto beds and furniture, there is a chance you will have flea eggs there. Adult fleas and eggs will fall off on these locations when you pet is on them. Fleas are also known for feeding on humans. This means you may find flea eggs on clothing, bedding (sheets and pillows), and sometimes even on human hair.


As for the outdoors, the eggs from fleas like to lay eggs in moist, dark, shaded areas that are rarely disturbed. If these areas provide enough darkness and humidity, the eggs will thrive and grow into adults. Common areas are in shaded areas under trees and shrubs, fence lines, compost piles, and along the perimeter of your house or shed.

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